dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

April versus music, day two

As I've mentioned, April's active hatred of being a touring musician is one of the things that distinguishes her from her music-indiferent family. I also allowed as how an exaggerated concern for the well-being of the musician's families is the key reason why. It's far from the only one, though. As regnad_kcin and others have said, there's some part of her that wishes she was Becky. A part of her that she knows her parents won't approve of envies the life her friend leads but she cannot say so because of her parent's antipathy for that life. Since she cannot express the envy she feels, she's trying to talk herself into thinking she doesn't and she sounds like a hateful, judgmental little fool because of it. In short, Elly and John are screwing her up real nice. Again.
Tags: one big oblivious family, picky-face martian princess creature

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