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A lifetime guarantee......

What strikes me as being especially annoying about the Three Stooges and their panicky speculation about their job prospects is how pointless it all is. That is because, as the past has shown us, what a character in the strip wants to be in high school is what that person will be in adult life. Mike wanted to be a writer and he is. Liz wanted to teach and there she is grumbling about her grade three students. April wants to be a veterinarian and that's exactly what she'll be. Of course, she too will have to get the insane, unFooby need to expand her mental horizons out of her system. That way lies freedommadness and a fulfillingbarren existence without soul-destroying suburban ennuifamily. One she gives up on being an individualfaces up to her responsibilites, she'll have a blandhappy life as a small animal vet as she comes home to her jerkoffloving husband Gerald and psychoticcute children and talk smack about EEEEEEvil Becky. Where will Gerald be working? howtheduck and qnjones have it right when they say he'll be a travel agent working for fat, bald, prematurely aged Duncan who'll be a successful owner of a travel agency (with John, of course, as not-so-silent partner) who books global sporting events on the side. His wife Eva will sing, but not professionally. She'll also have aged badly. The reason I'm confident in this is because we all know that Lynn's ideal of a happy future is to put people on a damned conveyor belt. These three haven't had their pain-in-the-ass spouse, boring job and screaming brats attached yet but they will.
Tags: the shape of foobs to come

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