dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly versus happiness....

I've mentioned how Elly can't simply relax. There's something within her that cannot be satisfied with the world as it is with the result that no matter what she has, she can't or won't be happy with what she has. What is more, she wants company in her pointless striving. Many's the time that the Pattersons have had nothing to do, that they can rest from their labors only to have Flapnhonk barging in telling them some sort of exhausting chore has to be done now. This is because of something else I mentioned: a fear of relaxation. She dreads not having anything to do because she then feels like her life has no point and that nobody will pay her heed. It also means that the person who tells her that there's nothing to be upset about would be right. Since Elly always has to be right, she has to find something to be angry about just so she won't lose an argument. It would never occur to her that her hollow victories make her life worse because she's stupid and selfish. Stupid and selfish enough, in fact, to get everyone wound up about non-events and imaginary catastrophes. We know enough about her past to see that even when she was young, she stirred up one tempest after another in an endless array of teapots. A typical day finds Elly getting some fool notion in her head, getting angry at someone for causing the phantom crisis, working it out and forgiving a baffled relative for a non-existent sin against her.
Tags: elly: lynn's fantasy self

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