dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

John Patterson: Retiree

As we've seen, John seems to have been taking his sweet time retiring. His inability to let things go comes from a different place than his wife's though. Where she fills her life with busy work because of some internal hunger that can never be sated, John's perfectionism comes from a need to see that things are done right. It takes time for him to see that the next generation meets his standards. This is why it's taken him five years to let Doctor Callahan oh-so-gradually take over his practice. Now, however, it looks as if he's finally confident enough that the new man won't screw up to hand over the reins while (if Gordo's past is any judge) maintaining part ownership of the horses. I could well see him showing every so often just to see that Everett (or is it Elliot) hasn't blown the good will he established. That's not the only excuse he'd have to avoid having to spend too much time with Elly. He'll have a fairly active retirement, I'd say. Flapandhonk isn't going to notice too much difference in her daily routine despite expectations otherwise.
Tags: the retirening

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