dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

John Patterson: the Honey-do man.

I really should have seen Elly's enthusisastic reaction to John's retirement coming. It should bhave been obvious that she'd have a list of chores for him to keep him from spending all his time with his toy trains. That's because I forgot the same thing John did; when Elly retired, she was more active than when she was mismanaging Lilliput's. To her, retirement means "pile on the work so you don't die of boredom waiting for your pension check." As for the tasks given him, the presence of the item "remodel the basement for April" was not a shock at all. We, like April, could all see that that wouldn't happen until she could only use it for a week or so. We also know that it would be pointless to challenge the pathetic excuses her obnoxiously hateful parents would be sure to give. They've been breaking promises to her and whining about how good their intentions were all her life so why should his be any different?
Tags: the retirening

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