dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

April: Loser of the Retirening.

I admit to being as baffled by April's sudden realization that her future may not be what she'd planned as the rest of us. This week's plotline that indicates that John's retirement is looming on the horizon cleared up that mystery. It seems obvious that John and Elly can't really afford to pay for her education the way they could for Mike or Liz. Without consulting her or taking her dreams into any sort of consideration, John has made an arbitrary, selfish decision that will foreclose April's hopes of becoming a veterinarian. Of course, our boy will have a dastardly way out; spending the next year strong-arming her into wanting to become a veterinary assistant so he doesn't have to shell out for grad school. I can say this with some confidence because, despite his sister and niece being large-animal veterinarians, he can't really see it as a job for a woman. He's stupid and rigid enough to view them as freaks instead of as a norm. The pittance he's likely set aside would cover two years at a trade school quite nicely. Her agreement last Friday serves another purpose. It allows Kool-Aid Nation to call her a spoiled, ungrateful picky-face if she objects to being screwed over. "She agreed that she might not be what she wanted so what's her problem?" would be their premise because the believe that John and Elly can throw up whatever roadblock they like because they're the parents.
Tags: picky-face martian princess creature, the retirening

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