dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

John Patterson: martyrdom addict.

Knowing that the Pattersons are meant to slave away at jobs they hate makes one conclusion insecapble: John spent most of his working life quietly wallowing in self-pity. He, too, magnified minor inconveniences and non-events into huge crises and excuses to feel sorry for himself at the expense of others. He, too, took his pointless upset on his family. It's a certainty that he felt entitled to all those stupid impulse purchases he made as a means of making up for the hateful chore of providing for his family. This also explains the insane need to put the needs of his model trains above the needs of his family. Since they made him deal with the Harold's moms of the world because of their need for food and shelter, they have to pay him back by allowing him cars, trains and Housenings. A similar purported deprivation explains why Mike feels justified in not listening to his kids.
Tags: john - grinning weirdo, one big oblivious family

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