dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Lynn versus Mother's Day....

An anoymous poster on the Foobiverse journal pointed out the quality of Mother's Day strips has gone into a sharp decline over the last two years. First, we had Mike drop the Patterspawn off at the Pattermanse which made Elly's day by allowing her to feel like a mother again. (Coincidentally, this was the first sign that they'd written off that Martian creature with respect to being their child.) Last year, we had the misadventure with Deanna, the Patterspawn and the puppies and this year we have Elly working the day away because she "had" to. The warm sentiment of past years have given way to dreary idiocy like this. The reason is simple: as the years have progressed, Lynn feels less and less like celebrating Mother's day because her life is less and less like she'd planned. Her antipathy for what she sees as a reminder of the disappointments she's had to endure has leaked into the strip.
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