dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Who knows who: A mystery resolved.

The over-the-top reaction Warren had to seeing Liz's engagement ring confirmed a suspicion I've long had: Liz never told him Anthony existed until she showed him the ring he picked out. Elizabeth has had for the longest time the need to not offend the people around her so she omits certain facts that might trouble them. I'd say the only reason Warren learned about Paul was that he saw him with Liz. Since the arrogant clodhopper thinks that the Breath should demurely sit there with her hands folded waiting for his random appearances and not date other men, he decided to kill Cst. Wright's game to win the dubious prize of Liz's hand. Since Liz hasn't got the guts to tell Unfrozen Cavemen Chopper Pilot she wants nothing to do with him, the greasy numbskull thinks he's still THE man in her life. It's a good thing for Anthony that he saw Warren at Mike's ego-fest last March. Otherwise, he wouldn't know that Warren exists. I'm certain he doesn't know about Paul. Why does she think that hiding facts that they need to know about her will be less damaging than candor about her past? She can't understand that sometimes being nice is a bad thing, that she has to be nasty to be kind.
Tags: lizthony, unfrozen caveman chopper pilot

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