dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Grovellers are us: Paul and Therese.

The farther away we get from Liz's last visit to Mtigwaki, the more we're hit over the head with the Offical Party Line that Paul deliberately deceived Liz. Since Lynn is incapable of having her characters simply drift apart due to the spark they had going out as happens so many times in real life, we are forced to see cheap melodrama touched off by disloyalty. We also have to contend with Patterson Allure: the Mary-Sueish ability Liz has to keep men pining away for not all that much for years and years. No matter what they're doing or who they've married, they want what little she has. This tells me that Therese isn't the only person who'll be pathetically pleading for Liz's forgiveness this summer. We can look forward to both Designated Antagonists whining about their foolishly throwing a good thing away. Lynn's need to punish people for not immolating themselves on the pyre of regret-filled suburban ennui knows no bounds.
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