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Blood Cargo: the explanation......

As we've all seen, Lynn can be counted on to produce a compilation such as "Home Sweat Home" about every year or so due to the nature of her genre. All she needs to do is write a year's worth of strips and the syndicate pretty much does the rest. Writing and drawing a syndicated strip does take a lot of work but using herself as a benchmark the way she does leads her into error. To be specific, it makes her think that Mike, who represents her as a creator, can also be relied on to produce a 350-page novel every year. All he supposedly has to do is spend his days and nights grinding away at his keyboard and he can create one literary masterpiece ater the next. It seems to me that she thinks he doesn't need inspration as much as he needs a strong work ethic. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that in real life. Doing what he's doing will guarantee him a reputation as the High King of the Remainder Bin, living off the sweat of his frau. What we should be seeing is him getting a straight job while working on stuff like Dud Carbo on the side.
Tags: mikerobe: the universal infant

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