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Blood Cargo: the Foreshadowing......

One thing I've noticed about these last few months of first run strips is that Lynn is clearly using the time to establish the directions her character's lives will take in the future. As you know, she's writing a book that will tell us what happens to them after this September and doesn't want the entries in "Lives after the Lines" to be a complete shock. So far, we've seen:

- April and her friends discussing their plans for the future and coming to the conclusion that it may not be what they planned so Lynn can set the Un-Favourite up to have a crappy life.

- John inching his way into retirement and reminding Elly of the need to be careful with their money which will be the excuse Kool-Aid Nation uses to answer those who criticize their reckless, thoughtless destruction of their youngest child's hopes.

That being said, Mike is clearly being established in the strip as a leading light of Canadian literature and, given how blasé his children are about his fame, unappreciated at home so he can have something to whine about. All that remains now is packing Jim off to the assisted living palace to be warehoused and setting Liz up to be the Best! STEPMOTHER!! EVAH!!!! and the book writes itself.
Tags: the shape of foobs to come

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