dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly and the Patterspawn.....

As we all know, the Patterspawn are as fictional as April in that there's no real-life person whom Lynn could draw inspiration from. What she thinks of her children for not settling down and providing her with grandchildren to love is unclear but I have a strong suspicion that she's sort of upset about it. That being said, she sees no more obstacle to providing herself with fictional grandkids than she did with giving her children's in-strip counterparts lives she feels may be more suitable. This allows Elly to feel needed and important so as to silence that woice inside that says that she's obsolete. It has a negative benefit as far as Mike and Dee are concerned: consistency in child rearing. After all, if the mercenary little Martian or his evil mother-in-law were to do it, they'd lead the children to expect that Mommy and Daddy had to waste their time dealing with them and their feelings. That way lies healthmadness. With Saint Flapandhonk around, they'll expect to be ignored and be treated like peons which is what they deserve for interrupting the manufacture of tripe. It's not like Lynn can see that's wrong. She did the same thing and feels she too did a whizbang job despite her children's baffling ingratitude.
Tags: child rearing disasters, the antichrist twins

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