dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Jim and Iris: the (poorly handled) endgame.

As we all, Lynn has adopted a rather annoying way of closing out the story lines of her characters. Instead of producing a coherent narrative that proceeds naturally from the past so as to extend into an unseen future, we've given brief bursts of story that do not hang together logically. So far, we've seen the conclusion of April, John and Michael's story lines after what seems like an eternity of false climaxes. Lynn does know where she wants them to go but, it would seem, her arbitrary deadline and poor pacing make it difficult for her to figure out when best to get them there. This is why we're still in a holding pattern as far as the two remaining major plots are concerned. I'm not sure when the Settlepocalypse will happen but it would seem that it would run in parallel with the placement of Jim and Iris into the assisted living home we were told about. Jim's last star turn before being sent to Ice Floe Estates would be thought-bubbling about the tragedy of not being able to dance with Liz. On the drive home, Elly would think back to when she got married, start gushing about the continuity of the generations and launch us into the Reload this September.
Tags: the shape of foobs to come

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