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Elly and technology: the three stages of acceptance.

The strip for 27 May 2008 is an example of something I've noticed about Elly Patterson; it takes her a while to warm up to a technological advance. You can rely on her acceptance of a new way of doing things to take three steps. These are:

1) Frustration: As we've seen, Elly hasn't got all that much patience so usually greets a petty reverse with a violent and counterproductive display of flailing limbs and shouting. An example of this is her dealings with the Yap-Tel voice mail system. It takes her quite a while to get the hang of something but when she does, it stops being intrinsically evil.

2) Begrudgery: Elly's fear that a technology she's adopted will be misused by the ignorant to wreck society, frighten children and bruise fruit comes from her distrust of the Martian sitting at the computer looking up potentially-scary information. The device in question is morally neutral, only becoming evil when it's being used by evil people.

3) Obliviousness: This is when she's so familiar with a device (like her hovercar) that its misapplication would never occur to her. She sees news reports about how ginormous vehicles like that are increasingly a bad idea but ignores them because she thinks she needs all that car.

This, of course, stems from her need to think of herself as perfect. She thinks that if she admitted ignorance, people would never respect her again.
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