dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Michael: Super Dad[tm], Junior. or I learned to be a piss-poor parent from YOU, Dad.

You can't help but notice that the Noble Scribe only seems to be interested in his children when they're smiling. As long as everyone's happy and playful, the universe is unfolding as it should and Merrie and Robin are swell company. Things kinda SHIFT when smiles turn into frowns though, don't they. The prospect of an unhappy child is so unsettling to his fragile ego, he seeks immediate escape. He has no real intention of finding out why the small person in front of him is unhappy, so he leaves that little chore to his long-suffering wife. It's not just the old 'let the wife soothe scraped knees and bruised egos 'cause it's not MY job' brand of sexism that's got him eying the door, here. It's the dreadful prospect that HE is the direct cause and has to actually give up a cherished habit for the sake of his children's well-being. You can see why this frightens and angers him. I mean, how DARE these yard-apes tell the Delicate GENIUS how to live? Who cares what harm it'll do them in the long run, anyway? All that's important is that DADDY fells good!! Where did this sewer-trout pick up this lousy, hateful behavior and convince himself he was in the right? From watching Daddy be the smirking, passive-aggressive, callous douche I call Super Dad[tm] and not get called on it, THAT'S WHERE! When John is confronted with the prospect that something he wants to do might be bad for his kids, he either runs off (usually to play with his damned train set) or twists his children's words so THEY come off looking like the bad guy.
Tags: the delicate genius v. the world

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