dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Dixie: Member of the Off-Camera Universe

As you know, there are any number of characters in the strip who used to be central to the proceedings who've either disappeared for good (the Kelpfroths, Lovey Saltzmann, Paul Wright and so on and so forth) or only show up as glorified walk ons (Weed, Mira, Becky, et cetera) because of Lynn's obsessive desire to narrow the focus of the strip to the Pattersons. howtheduck suggested the same thing might have happened to Jim's dog, Dixie. We haven't seen her in almost five months and her absence must be explained. The jokes about Edgar inadvertantly digging up her remains presupposes that Lynn would have broken her promise not to kill off any more pets during the run of the strip so she cannot be dead. Since she's not dead and we don't see her, we are left with the conclusion that she's joined the Legion of Forgotten Characters.
Tags: jim: rip, the forgotten, the pets

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