dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meredith, Harbinger of the Reload.

Now that the school year is at an end in most places, it suddenly hit me how Lynn plans to launch us into the Reload this September. It might look as if experiencing one of the milestones we can see (moving Jim into the last place he'll live, marrying off Liz, John's demi-semi-retirement, April's last year of high school) would be the thing that might send Elly on a permanent trip down Memory Lane but there's another one that we might have missed in our haste that looks just as likely, if not more, to do it. It seems to me that the realization that her oldest granddaughter will be entering Grade One in the fall might make her pause and reflect on where the time went. To Mike and Deanna and everyone else, it will be just another hectic day; to Elly, a reminder that the time slipped by without her really noticing where it went. As she tries to figure it all out, she'll think back to when she was starting out as a mother, we'll see the 1979 Pattersons buying a big kid bed for Mike and have launched into the Reload.
Tags: the antichrist twins, the dreaded hybrid

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