dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Take it slow, make it fail

As we all know, Liz's constant repetition of the catch phrase "I want to take my time" and frozen-faced reaction to any advice that suggests that she speed things up send a message that Lynn does not intend: Liz has doubts about both the marriage itself and the groom in question. As howtheduck said in his blog entry, Lynn realized that the engagement of Lizthony was fairly short and wanted to make it look as if Liz was acknowledging that other people might think she's rushing into things. Sadly, the woman's tin ear for dialogue made her do so in the worst possible way. It would seem to me that it would better serve Liz if she were an eager bride angrily muttering about having to delay her dreamed-of wedding for the sake of other people's convenience. Granted, that would defy Lynn's need to have her creations writhe in agony over the prospect of unbelievable success but it would be a nice change from the norm.
Tags: settlenuptuals

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