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Lynn's Declaration of Creative Bankruptcy: the view from here.

As we all know, Lynn has posted a long, self-pitying rant wherein she defends indefensible things. She starts by trying to explain away her failure to realize that Liz could have been implied to have visited Jim and Iris by the simple expedient of having her be the one to state his steady deterioriation scares her. That makes her claim she would have needed three strips to show it sheer nonsense. This is, of course, symptomatic of a far greater failure: an inability to plan out what should be shown and how. She then goes on to explain why it is that Anthony is the best choice for Liz, despite their lack of chemistry, by an appeal to virtues most people no longer hold dear. If she wanted to say that they're a pair of loving people who just happen to be discreet about it, describing their marriage in terms that make sense if it were a business merger is the wrong way to go about it. What's worse is that be rejects Paul and Warren because they're less well known than Anthony. That's what's called a bald-faced lie. Even though he's been around longer, he's still a cipher. As for her stated inability to show romantic dialogue, that, too, is nonsense. Part of what drew me in was seeing all the little things that the Pattersons did that showed that they cared for one another. She sums it all up by stating that she intends to tell us things happened instead of showing us as well as rewriting history to synchronize with her current world view. That means the light-hearted strips that showed us that John wasn't all that bad will be altered to turn him into a monster.
Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat, lynn versus the real world

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