dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Accidental Bridezilla

As we all know, Lynn's favorite storytelling device is to drop a broad hint as to what will happen in the future. The fire in Mike's apartment, for instance, was less a matter of "if" than "when". This is why the punchline of the strip for 14 June 2008 is a clear warning as to what to expect. Anthony allowed as how even though the couple to be married do not intend to have a lavish wedding, the planning often takes a life of its own. This tells me that Liz will have a kitsch abomination wedding imposed upon her, either by the Settlepocalypse Coven OR Anthony's mother. If it's the former, we'll be in for a lot of jokes about well-meaning people who get Liz to begrudgingly accept a lot of pomp and circumstance she'd rather not do on the premise that since it meant so much to them, she'd look like a Martian if she rejected them. In the other case, the Pattersons would her their hands in despair at the insane behavior of another cardboard villain. In both cases, Liz would passively do whatever she was told due to her pathetic desire to please those around her.
Tags: settlenuptuals

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