dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Anthony, the scorekeeper....

Now, we've had a good laugh at how spineless Anthony is seeing how eager to accommodate the Settelpocalypse's being moved up at a whim he is. Or, for that matter, how he's stuck in a series of dead-end jobs that were awarded to him because his boss took pity on him. Hell, Gordo would have done that even if the Pattersons hadn't strongly hinted that's how things should be. The problem with that is that we all know how guys like him think. Gutless wonders like him who don't have the courage to dare and do maintain a mental list of people who've slighted them. In the event an Anthony is ever in a position of power over his "oppressor", he'll exact his revenge on this person. That's pretty much how he destroyed his first marriage, you see. Therese had tried to get him to be something he wasn't so in revenge he tried turning her into a photostat of Liz. That being said, Liz's desire to marry a man like her dad is going to come to pass. All John's ranting about hormones and stuff is what he called getting his own back for being called a selfish jerk.
Tags: blandthony, john - grinning weirdo, settlenuptuals, sitting duck therese

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