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Deanna, the Confused Philosopher.

The strip for June the fifteenth, 2008 marks what I believe to be a milestone in the annals of Patterson family history. For the first time ever, Deanna and Liz had a conversation without anyone else being present. There are two reasons for this, one being internal to the strip and one external. In the first case, it simply happened that this is pretty much the first time the two women even managed to meet without either Mike or Elly as an interlocutor. The external reason is that Lynn thinks that single and married women shouldn't socialize. Now that Liz is about to join the married women, it's permissible for Deanna to speak to her so as to offer her words of wifely wisdom. There's only one problem with relying on Deanna as a mentor: she's as pompous an ignoramus as the goof she married. Not only is she going to spout the "Happiness, BAD!! Martyrdom, GOOD!!" mantra of the Pattersons, she brings her own inability to anticipate how children will react in a given situation to the table. Add that into Liz's regurgitating Elly's hatred for the small people that trapped her in domestic bliss and you have a recipe for a group of children having a crappy childhood because their suggestible, wavering nitwit of a mother listened to bad advice from dumb people.
Tags: fifties icon deanna, liz: whining martyr

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