dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Deanna: Liz's own personal Eva.

It seems clear to this observer that a dynamic has been established in the newly-minted friendship that Dee and Liz have. The older woman has identified the younger as something of a lightweight in need of guidance. She, as a woman of slightly more experience, has thus taken it upon herself to guide her through things and give her stern but gentle counsel when she does and things things she approves of. In short, she's appointed herself Liz's Own Deliverer of Smackdowns. This is sort of to be expected since Liz can no longer be friends with Candace. She needs an Eva to make her feel like crap for sticking up for herself. Deanna has two excellent motives for doing this. First, she must reinforce the Pattersonian hatred of pleasure so that Liz stay on the path of working hard at something she loathes. Her second reason, of course, is (as qnjones said) to maintain her position in the pecking order. She has to keep Liz subordinate so that she and Anthony do not outshine her. It's obvious that the characters live in constant anxiety about their social status as if they were high school students. Deanna rightfully fears that Liz's husband and children might somehow be more favored than her own given Anthony's greater devotion to life in Milborough. If she makes Liz feel foolish, she can remind her who's the Chosen Child: Michael. She and April must live with the Son in their eyes forever.
Tags: fifties icon deanna, liz: whining martyr

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