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Elly Richards: Child of mystery.......

We can tell by looking at John what kind of person he was growing up. Given his smug chauvinism, his self-absorbed nature, tendency to fall back on tradition when threatened and inability to deal with the messy real world, we can readily see that he was something of a momma's boy. Simply put, he was allowed by his adoring mother to drift through his youth not having to think too hard about things. As long as he said and did the right things, his life was trouble free. The end result is a man who reacts to serious issues by either making a facile joke, harrumphing about how things were easier when he was a boy or simply denying that there's a problem in the first place. He means well, I suppose, but since his prejudices and ignorance prevent him from seeing the world as it is, he's useless.

What we do not know is what Elly was like as a child. We do get some hints but she's something of a mystery, to tell you the truth. We know that her parents were sick of her tendency to lecture and that she's done things that flat-out baffle them (such as drop out of school to get hitched) but other than that, nothing. This is because Elly cannot be honest about herself and thus tends to reinvent herself as being better than she is. All we really know is that the Richards thought of her as a pain in the ass. The reason this is an important thing is that without knowing who she was, it becomes impossible to judge if she is indeed geting what she deserved by having to deal with Mike.
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