dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

How to make Anthony sympathetic......

It seems to me that if Lynn tried, she could redeem Anthony without retconning away his many sins. That's because I remember the Lynn who used to be able to do that. I remember how she turned Mrs Dingle from a hateful old biddy to the victim of a hard life and not feeling as if I was the victim of revisionist history. If we had that Lynn, we could even make "I have no home" and all the thought-bubbling he did become, if not palatable, at least understandable. All we'd have to do is remind the readership that, for some reason, Liz is unfeasibly attractive. We've seen too many guys do too much insane crap just to be near her not to realize that, for some reason, she drives men bonko. If Lynn were to have Anthony explain to Elizabeth that he tried to stay faithful to Therese but the constant reminders of her, not to mention her presence, drove all other concerns aside. If she were to ask why that would be, he could then counter with an explanation that she has that effect on most men, an effect she is not herself aware of. Granted, this would make him resemble a junkie doing something desperate and stupid to get his fix but at least he'd be better looking than he is now.
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