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Enter Mrs. Baird and the puppy.....

In the strip that was re-published on 5 July 2008, we saw one of the earliest references to Mrs. Baird, the kindly old neighbor lady that the Pattersons were soon to get Farley from. The moral of said strip, such as it is, was that if Mike were to break into and vandalize someone's property, he should make a more complete job of it so Elly would have something to show for it. In any event, she was soon established as sort of a mother-surrogate for Elly. Her chief influence on the strip, however, was, as I said, was her giving the Patterson family the runt of a litter of puppies: Farley. While John and the kids were thrilled, Elly was not. Her paranoia, ably abetted by her envious jerk saboteur friend Connie, told her that instead of getting a furry family member, she was getting another thing that would shackle her to the Pattermanse so she would be able to contribute nothing to the world but children. Many was the strip in the first year that featured her stupid incapacity to train him properly followed immediately by her blank-witted rage at the inevitable results: undesirable behavior she was too dim to anticipate. Her attempts at disciplining him were at least as inconsistent as those applied to her children so we could say that she enabled his lumbering, slobbering cloddishness.
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