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The ethics of the Pattersons......

As I've said before, the Pattersons aren't very ethical people. I can think of many examples where they chose selfishly instead of morally. We've seen Elly's refusal to fire Kortney because she liked being flattered too much. Her angered reaction to the truth was inspired by her discovery that all that genuflection was insincere. What's more, we were meat to sympathize with Elly all the way because she went after what she wanted without some picky-face slowing her down. What's more, Lynn never even realized that Elly had to apologize just like Liz never had to apologize for bequeathing Jim's harmonica to a thief whose crime made her feel good about herself.

Another example of Lynn's love of the expedient and disrespect for conventional mores is her handling of the "I have no home" incident. Anthony is praised and championed because he didn't let the Man's ethics keep him from pursuing Liz. What makes it all the more appalling is that his wife was depicted as being a monster because she expected him to live up to his promises.

This brings me to my point. I believe that Lynn was telling the truth when she said that Liz had to marry Anthony because it would make her parents' lives easier. This is a woman who views things and people by the odd criterion of whether they can make her life as easy as possible. Marrying Liz off to Anthony so the Pattersons can control Gordo is to her a worthy and noble thing.
Tags: child rearing disasters, pattersons vs the world

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