dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly and the Bride-a-saurus

If you check out Elly's bio on the Foob homepage, it lists as one of her dislikes "Things that are unfair." This, of course, really means "ugly truths that are inconvenient." One of the big, ugly, nasty truths she's been trying to avoid is that if she causes a disaster, she has no right to stand there bitching. The chief source of her troubles is her refusal to anticipate the potential negative consequences of her actions. Time and again, we've seen her roar and stamp because she had to deal with a downside she failed to prepare for. This leads us to her current predicament. To start with, due to colossal ineptitude, she's managed to raise a daughter with poor impulse control who cannot plan ahead. Trying to get Liz to make a plan and stick to it is like trying to get Meredith to peel vegetables in that both immature children whine they want to stop because it's too HARRRRD!! Second, said daughter believes that if she doesn't have a husband by a said date, she will die alone because nobody loves her. This too is due to Elly's stupidity. She, you see, inadvertently caused the inane rivalry between the siblings owing to her refusal to see how her perceived favoritism might affect a fragile little girl like Liz. This leads us to the third predicament that faces her; Liz's need to have a big showy wedding to prove herself worthy of parental affection. Anything that might threaten her big day is cause for screaming and hysteria and Liz's refusal to think things through means that nothing will go as planned. Everyone else will think it's a perfect day except her; she'll be fuming about the little things that went wrong. She'll have company being pointlessly frustrated and blamimg everyone but herself for her troubles; Elly will not have seen any of the many problems that Liz's failure to plan created coming. Guests that can't make it on a moment's notice? Where are they when Liz needs them? Annie complaining about Liz's refusal to stick to a catering plan for more than five seconds? She can fry in hell! Elly will simply make the reception potluck! Halls booked up for the summer? She can have it the back yard and fume about all the selfish people who want to ruin her daughter's big day.
Tags: elly: lynn's fantasy self, liz: whining martyr, settlenuptuals

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