dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

My Settlepocalypse Checklist

We all remember that ungodly checklist date from last year. Watching those two losers award themselves a whole bunch of imaginary good qualities made for an irritating minute of our lives. If a person were going to maintain a checklist it should be about things that are real. That being said, I present my Settlepocalypse checklist for your approval.

- Elizabeth palming off her responsibilities on April: CHECK.

- Anthony locked out of the loop because he's a mayyyyuuunnnnn: CHECK.

- Liz freaking out because she actually has to do something: CHECK.

- Liz freaking out over a minor quibble: CHECK.

- Liz begrudging April free time she could just as easily take off herself: CHECK.

- Liz refusing to see that all the stress she's put everyone through is due to her own stupidity: Not proven but strongly implied.

- Liz refusing to see that April did more now for her wedding than she did for Shawna-Marie: See previous entry.

- Everyone in sight screaming at April because of an oversight brought on by their inattention to detail: Again, not proven but strongly implied.

- Liz ignoring major issues and stressing over trivia: CHECK.

- Liz valuing image over substance: CHECK.

- Liz baying at the moon because she's called on her bullshit: CHECK.

All that's left now is the last item: "As she drives off to the EconoLodge in Port Asbestos for her honeymoon, Liz tries to assign blame for all this chaos to someone else. Someone with her hair in a propeller bun."
Tags: liz: whining martyr, picky-face martian princess creature, settlenuptuals

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