dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Liz versus advice..

As we've seen, Liz hates having to listen to advice from other people. The instant that someone makes a suggestion that flies in the face of what she thinks is true, her mind shuts down and she either quickly changes the subject or smirkingly denies her critic's argument. We've seen too many examples of someone trying to warn Liz of a potential threat only to her her choose not to listen only to whine that nobody tried to help her when said prediction of doom comes to pass not to realize that she has a problem. The silly child is shallow, self-absorbed, passive and stubbornly clings to untenable optimism. The advice of others falls on deaf ears because she thinks that she's helpless to change her life for the better, that things fall into place without he intervention. Also, she thinks that people who tell her things she doesn't choose to hear are inspired by malice and jealousy, that they hate her and have no faith in her. When a position of hers is challenged, a sinister effect is observed. Even though everyone else in the world can see a disaster looming on the horizon, Liz stubbornly denies it because she doesn't want to admit to ignorance. This makes it an exercise in exasperation for those foolhardy enough to try to help the foolish little girl avoid catastrophe; it's like watching a small child who thinks she's too big and important to listen to Mommy run head-long into a preventable disaster.
Tags: liz: whining martyr

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