dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

All hail sleaze and evil: the Pattersons call in their markers.

It's not just the fact that the most basic rules of decorum state that a second wedding should not outshine the first that make the Settlepocalypse an atrocity. It's that they're having a big party to celebrate ruining the life of Anthony's first wife as if she were nothing more than a noisy obstacle whose opinion was meaningless makes things truly rank. Having the Pattersons are being given all their barbaric splendor for next to nothing does, however, come close to that on the disgusting phenomenon chart. It seems obvious that Lynn is looking out of that weird fantasy capsule of hers when she's writing this. This is because people just aren't going to hand Liz things for free just because that Pattersons have been wonderful to them. They might get a discount but that would be it. Despite what Lynn thinks, profit margins (as eeknight said) isn't some sort of nonsense phrase heartless people use to deny Elly what she wants when she wants it. This brings me to my point. It seems fairly clear that Liz is fooling herself when she believes that people are just giving her stuff because she's special; we all know that Elly got it for her by means of flapping and honking at people until they acquiesced to her brutal demands.
Tags: settlenuptuals

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