dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Mira and the Settlepocalypse Redux

As we all know, Mira and Wilf Sobinski didn't know that Mike and Deanna were already married when they unleashed the Big Sham Wedding on the world. Instead, she was meant to believe that the two of them were shacked up because Deanna had no problem with making her believe she was more progressive than she actually was. This was stupid and cruel because Mira would have been really angry that another daughter had eloped but he would have got over it. The Pattersons also make ugly fools of themselves by assuming that she never figured it out at a later date. She's no Liz to only judge by surfaces. Sooner or later, she'd suspect that she was played for a sucker. Watching Elly squirm as she insincerely approves of cohabitation would confirm that hunch. Initially, she'd blame Mike for leading Dee astray so he could make her live in squalor. Not now, though. This is because she's been made party to the plans for the Kitsch Abomination Wedding and come to the realization that Elizabeth doesn't suspect that Mike and Dee were on wedding number two. She also remembers that Elly used to like to dress Baby Lizzie like a doll and that all she cared about was the child's looks. How she felt was of secondary importance. It would then be not beyond the realm of possibility that she was steering Liz to the conclusion that she had to have a Big White Wedding to please people when, in fact, she didn't. Simply put, Liz was kept in the dark so Elly could play the varsity game of "Dress-up-Nizzie". That's bad enough. Marrying her to a divorcé so they could get a better deal on a used car would be far worse.
Tags: evil mira, settlenuptuals

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