dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Jim, Elly and Sunset Acres, A Prediction.......

As we all know, there's nothing more appalling than a Patterson attempting to be virtuous. A fairly good example of that was Elly sitting April down after the Housening and admitting that she and John should have probably tried to find out what was bothering her but now, after things were too late, she understands the issues she should have addressed when she had the chance. The revelation in the strip for 22 July 2008 that she's going to stay with Jim while Iris gets a well-deserved rest put a nasty idea in my head about how Jim was going to end up in Sunset Manor. As we know, Elly is fairly ignorant and gets frustrated really easily and quickly. Instead of stolidly and somewhat witlessly plodding along like Iris has been doing, she's going to want a fast, fast solution to what will seem to her an insoluble problem: dealing with her father's needs. This means that before he needs to and before Iris or April can object, Elly will check him into Assisted Living. Watching her justify a decision borne of impatience rather than real need will be almost as entertaining as criticizing the Coffee Squawkers who think that Elly's a saint.
Tags: anyone wanna buy a used future?, chinnuts, elly versus her parents, elly: lynn's fantasy self, iris

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