dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly : Failed Caretaker

One of the things that howtheduck has noticed that Lynn's attempts to make the Pattersons look better fail to do so. Instead, the Patterson whose reputation Lynn tries to salvage looks worse. As we all know, her attempt to prove that Anthony was the injured party in his marriage turned his wife into a folk-hero and her sequence with Mike and his children six months ago only proved that he was a worse failure as a father than we'd thought. Where the Pattersons really shine as horrible people, of course, is how they interact with Jim. We've seen that Mike and Liz only appear when they want something. This is bad enough but who really fails as a person is Elly. We've seen her stand there looking at Jim with an oddly-detached look on her face as if his and Iris's needs had nothing to do with her. Now, we're going to see that she's, as anna_bat_sarah said, far too immature to be trusted with his care because she seems to regard her duties as "sitting down and supervising the nurses", "acting as if Jim were a naughty child" and "spouting nonsense about how she understands what he's going through when she doesn't have a clue". This will provide us with more examples of Pattersons Behaving Awfully. It will also make his usual dimwit caregiver look good.
Tags: chinnuts, elly: lynn's fantasy self, iris, lynn: failed creator

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