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Liographies and the Reloods.....

As howtheduck said in his blog, Lynn would have done far better to not try to make Anthony look good and simply had him admit to acting like he was still in high school years after it was desirable. Seeing a paragraph like:

A few weeks into the divorce proceedings, he realized that he really hadn't treated Therese that fairly. Her accusation that he'd only gotten engaged so he could make Elizabeth jealous enough to drop her boyfriend was, sadly, accurate. No wonder Dad looked at him funny.

might not give him the bogus appeal that being a hapless victim confers but it would make him easier for regular people to sympathize with. That being said, it's clear what the purpose of his lying, retcon-ridden biography is: it serves as a template for how Lynn plans to rewrite the history of the characters after Labor Day. Most of them, you see, contain plot points that are opposed to what we saw in the strip itself. Instead of rewriting the essays to fit established facts, Lynn is going to act like a character from the Ministry of Truth and falsify the record to fit her current view of things.
Tags: lynn: failed creator

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