dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Post-story Awareness Syndrome.......

In the strip for 3 August 2008, Iris was doing one thing we haven't see her do in almost two years: start to realize that she still has the man she married. Oh, he may not be able to talk that well now but he's still "in there". This is, sadly, because their story is at an end. While it was a going concern, you see, Iris wanted to believe but had a lot of doubts given that he was so frail and depressed. Now that he's cheered up and as healthy as he can be, considering, she can start to believe what everyone who reads the strip knows. She, sadly, isn't the only character who did something annoying while her plotline was active. April spent the longest time regarding Becky as Teh Evil. Now that April is no longer really in the music game, she can start to see that worrying about being crushed by her star power is silly. Maybe her entry in the Tome of Destiny will have her ask herself what she was thinking.
Tags: lynn: failed creator

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