dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Lawrence: Big Fat Distraction......

As we've seen and will continue to see, the presence of Lawrence Poirier, Token Gay, is a divisive one. His recent appearance, accompanied with a reminder of gay marriage ha split what fan base Lynn has left into those who don't care one way or another about him and those who hate it that they've been reminded that gay people exist. Since his sexual orientation is about the only thing that makes him more important than Gap-Toothed, Smiley-Faced "HOOOOO!!!!!" Guy, it seems to me that Lynn might have placed him there deliberately so we could read hate mail in Coffee Talk. This has three advantages. First, she gets to play the martyr as incensed people scream and holler at her for placing her politics in the strip when she should be putting theirs in. Second, she gets to conflate all her other critics with the lunatic fringe. Third, she has people so wound up about the issue that they forget there's a Kitsch Abomination Wedding between two pathetic losers going on.
Tags: lawrence: cosmic plaything, settlenuptuals

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