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Mikerobe: Mommy's little hatetank.

Today, I'd like to tell you a story. It's the story of a boy named Michael. Michael had a good home with nice parents and the world was great. Then, one day something TERRIBLE happened. His parents betrayed him in the worst possible way: They *SHUDDER* had another child!! Impossible! Inconceivable! Impermissable! Didn't they know they'd got it right the first time? It must be some sort of cruel mistake. Even though the damage appeared to be done, our hero knew what to do: Make the evil interloper so unwelcome, the stork would take her back and HIS family would be saved. However, something was wrong. His parents actually seemed to care for the unwanted little surprise. Frustrated, our unfortunate little wretch was reduced to having to tolerate her presence, while kindly and nobly reminding Lizardbreath that she was not needed. Sadly, his life was afflicted by the presence of other people who DARED insist that they had opinions and dreams that were more important than his own. However, one day after years of tribulation at the hands of those who selfishly wanted to force him to GIVE (which is bad and unFOOBY) instead of take, a spineless, handwringing doormat, tired of the horrific, unnatural burden of indepedence accepted his offer of salvation from an autonomous identity. THE END.

Okay, this is kind of stupid but it highlights Michael's chief function in the strip: to stand around being either sullen or whiny at the prospect of the thing that Lynn Johnston dreads the most: personal sacrifice and discomfort. Elly, of course, representing Lynn's dread of the future (namely, that she might have to deal with change, time and mortality, like everyboy else) and John, the nagging voice that suggests she just might be acting like a jackass. However, someone who insists on WILLFULLY blinding themselves to the fact the world is What It Is instead of What She Wants It To Be, cannot be confined to engaging in hand-wringing, inertia and tantrums. She must also wallow in crocodile tears over her latest self-created disaster. (Victim Liz)
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