dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The perils of not repeating oneself.......

I guess the real problem I have with Lizthony is that it isn't the recapitulation of the Mike/Dee romance a lot of people think it is. If, for instance, Liz hadn't lived with Eric, we wouldn't have to endure Lynn's being coy about whether she'd had sex. Nor would we have had to endure the annoying sequence wherein she ignored his philandering. Instead, we could have watched as they drifted apart. Having turned Eric into Liz's Rhetta, it would have been just as easy to have Anthony talk about how his unseen love interest and he kinda just fell out because they didn't really have anything in common. The way would have been cleared for Liz and Anthony to have a long distance relationship which would have led to a tasteful wedding about four years ago. This would have had the advantage of eliminating the going after and the Mtigwaki saga. Right now, we could be comparing her kids to Mike's instead of comparing the strip to badly-written fanfiction. By trying to inject drama when it was not needed and characters who had no purpose bring there, Lynn has pretty much wrecked a once fine strip.
Tags: lizthony, lynn: failed creator

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