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People who need people are the Foobiest people in the World.

I just figured it out WHY April is being called a spoiled-rotten, self-absorbed, wrong-thinking, puppy-eating alien ididot bitch princess! She *shudder* WANTS TIME TO BE BY HERSELF. To St. Elly and all the other Foobs, solitude is the most unnatural state conceivable. In their way of thinking, the mildly gregarious but essentially solitary entity known as Man is some sort of herd animal. The very notion of having the time and space to think your own thoughts on your own terms fills them and their creator with the same shrieking horror her utopia of imbecilic shouting loudmouths suckling 'wisdom' from Elly's teat fills us. Not only do we see Lynn's panicky over-reaction to drunken maternal threats of her having a long, dust-filled life of neglected spinsterhood, we also see more than a little of her basic arrogance. After all, why would ANYONE want to try think up their own answers to life's questions when she already has'em?
Tags: st elly versus the martian menace

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