dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The human cost of the Settlepocalypse.

As we're starting to see, all the free stuff Liz is getting for Elly'sher dream wedding is a gift; a gift, I might add, that was probably secured by emotional and financial blackmail on Elly's behalf. This tells me that the barbaric splendor we're seeing is costing everyone else but the Pattersons a bundle. There isn't a member of the charmed circle of Patterfriends that isn't going to have to absorb a huge financial loss so that Liz may be given a six-year-old child's idea of a fairy tale wedding. It's as if the whole purpose of these people was to smilingly cater to the Patterson's whims while getting nothing but the warm steam off of the Foob's pee in return. It should also be noted that Meredith, Françoise and Robin are getting shortchanged as well. Instead of having a summer to themselves in which they can play like other kids their age, they're forced to march to the tune of Wretched Excess. Everything in their lives must be shoved aside so that the Silly Sandwich Lady can celebrate the longed-for day when she can finally stop having to think.
Tags: settlenuptuals

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