dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Mrs Caine: Proud Member of Team Anthony.......

A while back, I speculated that in the event that Liz has any sort of problem down the line, her family will take Anthony's side owing to their own basic stupidity and selfishness. When that happens, they'll have a powerful ally in the holy cause of lionizing and cooing over a selfish and manipulative bully: his mother. As howtheduck has said, there have been signs of her presence in the background backing his desire to be loyal to the Pattersons, signs that were confirmed by the strip for the ninth of August. As we all know, Elly found that she liked Mrs Caine because of the woman's desire to bow down and worship the Holy Family of Suburbia. Her husband might want her son to stay married to the Evil Career Woman but that's because Anthony's Dad is set up as being Evil himself; she, like the people of Mtigwaki, know that he and Liz are fated to be together.
Tags: blandthony, settlenuptuals

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