dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The legacy of the Foobs and other disappointments.

As we wind down the strip as it is and get ready to watch the slow, agonizing failure of the new format, let's take this opportunity to remember the two things the strip will be remembered for:

- The coming out of Lawrence,


- the death of Farley.

Those two stories are all that people will remember when they think of this in the decades to come. What makes this worse is that while both were the focus of media attention and debate amongst the fan base, they're strictly irrelevant to the story line. Lawrence, for instance, might be gay but that's not what's most important about him; what is important is that he's someone who the Pattersons can and do exploit. Since he knows who owns his horses and acts accordingly (mainly by not offending the Pattersons by doing anything really gay), his preferences aren't that big a deal. As for the death of Farley, its only real effect on the strip is to explain the career April chooses so as to make her drop her silly habit of playing music for fun.

This really bodes ill for Lynn's chance to be remembered as anything more than the person who blazed a trail. Her own legacy, you see, is that she'll be known as one of the first really successful female talents; as such, her strip's quality wil be secondary.
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