dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Strip of Destiny and the path there......

As we have learned, the strip for the thirty-first of August is supposed to show us what will happen to the Pattersons in the years to come. Since Lynn will probably be busy with the reload, howtheduck is right to assume she won't have time to write the Big Book of Destiny and thus must satisfy her itch to finish off her character's stories with a device borrowed from American Graffiti. She has also promised us that we'd be told what's happening to the Pattersons in the present day while she's subjecting us to the mother of all retcons. This tells me that we're going to be dealing with something I thought we'd get to snark last year: an annual Christmas letter that sums up what's going on in the lives of the characters so we can see how far along they are to reaching the ending Lynn has written for them.
Tags: the dreaded hybrid, the shape of foobs to come

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