dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Deathbedpocalypse, Day Two

It now looks that what will happen is that while Liz has her Big Ugly Wedding and finally be the sun about which the other characters rotate, Jim will die with only Iris and the cardiac care team to keep him company. After the ceremony, of course, Elly might break her silence but by then it will be too late. This means that instead of being the center of attention, Liz will be upstaged by a dead man and lose out on her last chance to be the apple of everyone's eye. This is something she will not be able to cope with or forgive. Sure, she'll cry crocodile tears about not being able to say goodbye to a man she ignored in life but we know what will really inspire her rage. She'll be looking for someone to hate. The problem is that she, like her parents, cannot blame herself for the barbaric splendor that will go to waste. Everyone agrees that people forced it on them. Sure, it looks like they twisted people's arms to make them cough up a bunch of free stuff but that's not what happened. Liz isn't going to see that she let things snowball or that she chose the date to erase Therese from history because she won't allow herself to admit she screwed up; she'll pin the blame on the poor sap that made the off the cuff remark about marrying Anthraxny while Jim was alive to see it. Since everyone else is stupid too, this means that April will be the butt of everyone's anger for years to come.
Tags: jim: rip, liz: whining martyr, settlenuptuals

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