dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The "Accidental" Settlepocalypse

As we know, the Settlepocalypse has become a tawdry farce of a wedding which is a sick tribute to how vulgar and stupid the Pattersons are. From the awful color scheme, the ugly clothes and oppressively tacky decorations, it shows us how utterly devoid of class, charm and intellect they are. What makes it worse is that they refuse to acknowledge that they're responsible for the ugliness that confronts them. They bleat about how they wanted things kept simple and whine about how other people just happen to want to be part of the magic and force complexity on them. This shows that they still haven't gotten acquainted with the odd little concept called personal responsibility. Even if the hands that hold the mortgages hadn't made it clear that they should be given free stuff, it's up to them to actively say no to things they don't want. Since they didn't stop people from being part of things, they shouldn't complain about all the tawdriness.
Tags: one big oblivious family, settlenuptuals

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