dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Iris, the Not-so-confused Oracle.

It seems obvious from watching Iris over the last two years that she wants people to have access to Jim on her terms. She probably didn't have too much say in her life up till now and is giving into the oh-so-human temptation of making the most of the opportunity her second husband's declining health has presented her. She wants to be the one in charge of him because she's been there for him when others haven't. It should also be noted that she probably doesn't much like Elly or Phil all that much either. When she says that she can handle things herself she actually means that she wants the people she tells that to not let her. She's probably angered by their inability to take the hint and give her a hand. This is why she has no problem telling these people to have fun; she expects them to do their thing without caring about her.
Tags: iris

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