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Now that the story of the Pattersons is more or less over, it's time to ask ourselves what we've learned from what we've seen. The lesson we've been taught is simple and not especially moral: "Shallow, selfish manipulators get their way and we have no right to object." We've seen:

- John bribing Elly with a new appliance to smooth things over after she discovered he wasted money on a stereo and blew her stack while whining to himself about how he was being mistreated.

- The Big-Ass Sham Wedding which had the family malign Mira because she stood in the way of a fraud being perpetrated.

- The Housening which had John smirkingly ascribe April's very real fears that she was treated like an afterthought to hormones.

- The Inevitabilitolpyse which has the city of Milboring hate Therese because she's not Liz

This is because the Pattersons don't really have it in themselves to empathize with people who want things they don't. There has never been an honest disagreement in the history of the strip because the creator hasn't the patience to deal with contrasting views. As for the Pattersons' loose morals, let's chalk that up to an inflated sense of entitlement.
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