dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Liography: an assessment......

Now that we've seen the bio of Anthony Caine, one thing seems obvious: if the man were any more passive, he'd be a potted plant. Lynn and Beth tried so hard to make him sympathetic, they forgot to give him a backbone. What they did give him was a ludicrously turbulent childhood. Instead of the bland, boring existence that the Anthony we first met was most likely to have had, we have him dealing with a cold, distant father, abandonment issues because his birth mother split the scene and feelings of inadequacy because his parents spent more time cooing over his half-sister than making him feel good about himself. This leads him to view the Patterson family as some sort of ideal to which all things must conform. It also leads him unable to cope with a woman with even more issues and a more traumatic childhood than his own: Therese Arsenault. It seems clear that the woman Lynn wants us to see as an evil monster is the punch-drunk and angry victim of being pulled apart by too many idiots. He may have an inkling that his friendship with Liz might have been inappropriate but has no real idea that Liz was a walking, talking reminder of his wife's feelings of inadequacy. He never did seem to get that his lack of ambition was seen as a betrayal, either. Therese, you see, was trying to prove herself to her cartoonish stereotype chauvinist dad that women were more than decorations when Assthony bounded onto the scene trying to turn her into what she was as a mindless baby maker who lacked the sense and will to object to being cheated on. She took as much of this as she could before calling a halt to the proceedings. Did she care that her dad would probably bully Anthony into going for the jugular in the divorce? Nope. She was willing to pay any cost to be free. We also have to contend with Lynn and Beth's ham-fisted attempt to counteract that infamous "I-have-no-home" speech. It does us little good to see that he wanted a do-over in a retcon. We need to spend thirty seconds on it.
Tags: blandthony, lynn: failed creator, sitting duck therese

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